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The UPCI / PCIex cards v4 do not install in Windows Embedded Standard 7

This problem is investigated and known.
The usual reason is a missing driver mf.sys in the WES7 installation. Driver mf.sys from Microsoft is required to support multifunction devices like these PCIex / UPCI cards.

The obvious solutions are a) to install mf.sys into the WES7 configuration in the first place or b) install it later into the already existing image after creation. Below is a list of instructions on how to perform solution b).

This method is originally described on reboot.pro. Below is a more specific list, typing errors corrected.

Step 1:
Get your original DVD for WES7, or extract the ISO file using tools like 7-ZIP.
In folder \DS\Packages\Driver\ and subfolders search for WinEmb-INF-mf.cab (or a cab file containing mf.sys)

Step 2:
Copy the WinEmb-INF-mf.cab onto the running WES7 system.
Create an empty folder like C:\MF1 and copy the CAB file to here.

Step 3:
Open a command prompt with admin privileges.
Execute the command for installation:

DISM.exe /online /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\MF1 /NoRestart

Note: not necessary to name the CAB file.

Step 4:
Restart the system. WES7 should perform all changes while restarting.

Step 5:
Now install the driver for the UPCI / PCIex card again if it did not already start with the reboot.


The card and serial ports shall operate fine from now on.


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