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RedHat Enterprise 5.2 does not support the USB-COM, what to do?

As all products on the market the USB-COM benefit from modern hardware. USB-COM devices with multiple serial ports use highly integrated chips. There are such with 2 serial ports, and more modern hardware with 4 serial ports in one component. On occasion the USB-COM models get revisions, using higher integrated chips.

New chips need new versions of drivers for operation. The latest driver for FTDI USB-to-Serial components is version 1.50, it is usually available with Kernel versions 2.6.31 and above. These drivers are provided and maintained by the Linux community.

RedHat Enterprise 5.2 is based on Kernel 2.6.18, so it can not support the latest hardware version. Either upgrade to RedHat Enterprise 6, which is based on Kernel 2.6.32. Or ask the RedHat support on how to integrate the latest driver in your system. 

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