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Will VScom PCI serial cards operate in OS/2?


Since a very long time the driver SIO.SYS made by Ray Gwinn has been available to support multiple serial ports in OS/2, including IRQ sharing. The later version SIO2k also supported PCI cards.
Most VScom PCI cards are already supported in the shipped driver package. The cards are defined in a text file, so adding new cards is no problem. This applies to the VScom L-Series cards, the H-series and also the industrial series products.

The original driver of OS/2 warp dates back to OS/2 2.0, and supports up to 4 serial ports without IRQ sharing. So at most one serial port per PCI card can be supported, if the IRQ is exclusive to the card.

Many years later IBM released a better driver named COM16, to support up to 16 serial ports in total. This driver also supports PCI cards and IRQ sharing. As with SIO2k the configuration of new models is done in a text file, so VScom cards are easily added.

The latest versions of OS/2 are named eComStation. Recently they are said to come bundled with the SIO2k, purchased from Ray Gwinn.

Contact your OS/2 vendor to get the better drivers SIO2k or COM16.



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