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TaskRunner 2xxx/31xx/101: In Windows XP the screen gets black after XP Logo

The cause is the Intel driver, which switches the monitor screen output to LVDS when the monitor is disconnected. LVDS is not implemented in the TaskRunner, hence the display is dark from that time on.

If there is no monitor attached onto the VGA connector, the chipset will disable the VGA signal output automatically. VGA signal can not be back no matter re-install OS or reconnect monitor. 
There are several ways to activate again VGA output.

  1. Switch between outputs using the system tray tool of the driver.
    The key combination / keyboard shortcut to activate VGA output is CTRL+ALT+F1.
  2. To get into VGA Mode with Windows you need to press the F8 key after you turn on your computer. On some computers you can press and hold F8 and on others you have to press F8 at the right time which is usually just after the initial BIOS screen has been displayed. If you can't find the right time for F8 just press the key repeatedly after you turn on your computer.
    If you have pressed the right key at the right time then Windows will display a startup menu.
    Select the "VGA Mode" entry on the list and Windows will boot using the plain old VGA video mode.

To resolve the “no display issue” in Windows XP and XPe OS use for 2xxx/3110/101 this IEGD VGA driver  and for 3140 this IEGD VGA driver.
Please follow this IEGD driver installation guide:

  1. Remove original graphic driver under Windows XP or Windows XPe
  2. After reboot, please set “Boot Display” to  be “CRT+DVI” in BIOS ? Advanced BIOS Settings
  3. Uncompress the IEGD driver and run setup.exe in utility folder
    \IEGD_8_0_Windows-For A2DVI2\IEGD_8_0_Windows\IEGD_8_0_Windows\Utilities
  4. After driver installation, please reboot the system
  5. Press “Advanced” in Display Properties
  6. Select in Tab “Display Config” preferred Display Configuration as: CRT (clone) DVI

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