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How to change I/O Address and IRQ of your parallel PCI port?


There is one short answer: Not possible.

There is a detailed answer:
PCI is a Plug&Play system. Resources like I/O addresses and IRQ are assigned by the BIOS, when the PC starts. Later a Plug&Play capable operating system like Windows can accept or change the assigned parameters. Some BIOS versions may allow to assign a dedicated IRQ to a certain PCI slot, but usually this is not possible for address ranges.

While Windows up to ME allowed users to change the configuration, usually XP and later systems do not allow that. This is because XP is typically installed as an "ACPI PC", not a "Standard PC". In this configuration it simply does not allow to change the parameters. Re-installing as a Standard PC is not an option as well, because you loose all benefits like power saving and maybe much more.


However this question typically arises because software needs to control hardware directly. Typically some dongles do this. But software must adapt to the hardware configuration, not the other way around. Try to get an updated version of that software.

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