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Why has NetCAN Plus a driver for NetCom?

The driver software for the NetCom Plus Serial Device Servers installs Virtual Com Ports in Windows, so software applications may use a remote serial port in the same way as a built-in Com1.
The NetCAN Plus 110 (and NetCAN Plus 120 WLAN) network to CAN Bus adapters provide the additional option to emulate an adapter converting from a serial port to CAN Bus. Access to this emulation is installed via the driver for NetCom Plus Serial Device Servers, the protocol used on the network is the same. So after driver installation there is a Virtual Com Port to provide access to the CAN Bus.

However this double emulation (virtual Com Port plus serial to CAN adapter) has significant overhead, and therefore is deprecated. Instead we strongly recommend to use the provided VSCAN API via direct TCP connection. It is very simple to handle the CAN Bus this way, to open access to the CAN Bus the application just needs to use the IP-Address of the NetCAN Plus, and the TCP-port assigned to the CAN function.


The driver is only required for really old fashioned applications, which

  1. Insist on using a Com Port for operation, and
  2. Use the same ASCII protocol as the NetCAN Plus (and other VSCAN) products.

Nowadays this is very unlikely, so it is better not to install the driver in the first place. This also avoids the need for administrative privileges.


The program NetCom Plus Manager operates without any installation, and can start direct from the CD-ROM shipped with NetCAN Plus. It will still detect the available NetCAN Plus in your LAN, so you get the IP-Address in a simple way.



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