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regmodify.vbs does not function on Windows 7, but works on Windows XP

To execute the required command
cscript regmodify.vbs COM5 
one must have administrative privileges. This is no problem in Windows XP, when logged in using an administrators account.

Since Vista this is no longer true, caused by the User Account Control (UAC). To obtain administrative privileges the UAC must request this first, and get permission from the user. Simply open the Console window (DOS-Box, CMD) does not do that.

To open the console using privileges this procedure works:

  1. Use Win+R Key, i.e. the Windows key combined with the letter R
  2. In the box type CMD as the command to execute
  3. Use Ctrl+Shift+Enter to start the command.
    Do not simply use the Enter Key or the OK button

In doing so administrative privileges are requested for the command to execute, in this case the CMD. The Console Window opens, and the regmodify command operates as necessary.


Shipped with USB-CAN Plus series is a configuration software, as an alternative to regmodify.vbs script. Both methods are functional, no need to change installed procedures.

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