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How to install VScom PCI drivers in Windows 7

Windows 7 does not install drivers for VScom PCI cards in the way known up to Vista. A new installation software is provided for download. If this software does not help, follow the explanations below.

When Windows boots up it scans the system for connected PnP hardware in a process called enumeration. Each device is reported by a model identification plus the position where this device is connected. Windows then checks the registry if this particular device has a driver already installed. If yes, this driver is loaded, and the device is usable.

Prior to Windows 7 the "Found new Hardware" Wizard is opened for the devices which are not identified this way. If Windows already knows about a digitally signed driver for this model, that driver is installed without further user interaction.
If the model is unknown, the user can decide to search a driver on Windows Update, or select one from hard disk, CD-ROM, USB and such. The driver is then installed and the hardware is usable.

Now Windows 7 behaves different. Instead of opening the "Found new Hardware" Wizard the Windows Update site is automatically searched. If no driver is found there, no driver is installed. The hardware appears as "Other Device" in the Device Manager.
This happens to VScom PCI cards. Here is a procedure for easy installation, it is necessary for the first time installation only.
  • Open Device Manager, and open the Class of "Other Devices".
  • Select a VScom Adapter, right click on it, and select the "Update Driver" option.
    The driver is installed, and the VScom Adapter changes position to Multiport Serial. At the same time VScom Serial ports appear in "Other Devices".
  • Select such a serial port, and also update the driver.
    The serial port changes position to "Ports".
  • Now it is possible to repeat this process for all the components in "Other Devices". But this is not required, since by the steps before Windows 7 knows the suitable driver.
  • So delete all VScom entries from "Other Devices", "Ports" and "Multiport" as well. Do not check the option to delete the driver files.
  • Next have the Device Manager scan for new devices.
    All components are discovered again, but now the "Found new Hardware" Wizard installs the drivers while this process happens.


Later when adding other VScom cards to the system, the drivers are still known to Windows 7. So it will repeat the same easy process of the last step above. And this process is done without even opening the Device Manager.


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